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Tools [We Use] behind our evey Creation.

Our designers use hand-made unique our own tools & accessories for designing our textiles. The batik technique uses a variety of batik instruments. To produce a final result of high quality, it is crucial to select the appropriate batik tools. We’re excited to talk about some of the essential batik instruments uses for our creations.



Tjanting is a special tool used by professional batik designers that produces interesting linear effect. This instrument enables the artist to design a pattern
directly onto cloth in incredibly thin lines by pouring hot wax into the needle,
resulting in spots on the fabric that will resist dye when applied.

bristle brushes

Bristle Brushes

We use handcrafted bristle brushes for designing our artworks on the fabric.
Properly cut and sized brushes will give the very satisfying results for final output.
We use Deer hair and Horsehair for the manufacturing these brushes fibers and bamboo wood for brush handle.

batik pens

Batik Pens

We use special pens for melts candles, crayons, batik wax, and paraffin to form a controlled thin or thin line.

batik blocks

Wooden Printing Blocks

These teak logs, which range in size from four inches to five or six inches,
were hand-carved by our artisans. Each block has a wooden grip on
the back to keep the builder in place.

Tjaps Batik tools

Tjaps Batik Tools

This is a antique indonesian batik tjaps ,copper stamping blocks.
Used for textiles, wall paper , wax printing.

We use sustainable wood from non-producing trees, discarded wood offcuts, that are about to be burned as waste, and fast-growing bamboo for making Wooden Printing Blocks and other Handmade tools.

Every tool we use for our creations is made by our artisans. They use traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. To produce our clothes, we work closely with designers and artisans in rural communities that regulate the building of new tools and get new ideas to modern batik culture.

Generally, we use some real life tools & accessories for designig our textiles.


Roasting pan

-towels-for batik


Cartoon blue disposable glove. Protective wear for hair coloring. Hairdresser equipment vector illustration for icon, stamp, label, certificate, leaflet, coupon or banner decoration

Rubber gloves

Illustration of garden plastic bucket. Tool for farming and gardening.

Plastic buckets/bowls


Electric iron


Soldering iron


Wax heater

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