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green energy
Renewable Energy

Our all design and manufacturing operations already run on 100% renewable electricity generated from solar and wind power.


Our products are made with 100% recycled or renewable materials. You can recycle your worn-out clothes and help to make the world a better place.

Carbon Neutral

Our overall production is closer to 100% carbon neutral. We use clean energy to manufacturing our apparels and it helps us to reduce adding carbon. 

Carbon Footprint

We reduce our carbon footprint with every action. we are starting with nature-based solutions for our manufacturing process to erase our footprint. 


Non-Toxic Materiels

How we use colors and dyes.

Natural colors are non-toxic, non-allergic, and hazard free for Skin. Produced from natural sources, these dyes are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. Natural dyes are also produce from waste material, making them applicable for recycled products.


Our Impact is to Protect Nature.

We’re working to reduce our emissions as much as we can. Utilizing raw materials and production techniques to minimize the negative effects on the environment and people, our goods and services guarantee sustainable products. We always help to nature and purposeful reforestation. We are starting with nature-based solutions for our manufacturing process to protect our nature and atmosphere.


Energy Efficiency.

By transitioning to renewable electricity generated from solar and wind power, we can able to get more efficiency for our production. We can erase the majority of our carbon footprint. By using renewable energy, we help in reducing the effects of climate due to global warming. As a manufacturing factory, we became eco-friendly and energy efficiency company as well as we can.


Water Use for Our Productions.

Water is one of the natural resources that use for batik production. We use freshwater and recycled water for mixed textile dyes and waxes. We also capture rainwater from Southwest monsoon as another alternative water source.


We Use Natural Sunlight.

Also, we use natural sunlight for getting daytime lighting. Therefore, we can reduce using electric bulbs for our factory. Sun’s energy really helpful for dry our prepared clothes and heat dyes for us. Mainly we using to sunlight for charging our solar panels. Natural sunlight helps us get to nature in many of our operations.

All of our products meet the required standards of the textile industry the most common being Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX® , Bluesign®, and REACH compliant and meet the RSL standard of brand retailers and manufacturers.

We aim to process at every stage in the product life cycle an eco-friendly, efficiently, and smartly.

  • Design

Firstly, In the designing step of our all kaftans, blouses, and frocks, We mainly focus on durability, strength, colorfastness, aesthetics and combatable.

  • Sewing

We use 100% recycled sewing threads for sewing the clothes. They are durable, lightweight, eco-friendly, and economical. This is the reason why we used that in all textiles.

  • Wash & Dry

Before the dyeing, We wash, dry, and iron apparel. We use recycled water for washing and renewable energy for drying & ironing.

  • Dye and Final Design

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-allergic, and hazard free dyes and colors. These dyes are not harmful to humans and the environment.

How It Is Done In

Nature Friendly.

  • Energy Efficiency

All the energy used in our own operations is renewable. We are happy to say it helps  nature and the economy.

  • Reduce Wastage

We reduce our wastage in  operations. We manage electricity, water, and raw clothing wastage.

  • Recycle Materials

We use recycled materials for manufacturing. Sewing treads, color dyes and raw materials are produced from recycled. 

  • Save Nature

All of our manufacturing materials are non-toxic, hazard free and not harmful for nature.

Water use at our production. This is how we use fresh water, recycled water and other alternative sources.

  • Fresh Water

We use freshwater as drinking-water quality for our production, the majority which comes from deep tube well and tap water.

  • Recycled Water

We use recycled water as a key alternative to freshwater. We recycled water after the washing and mixing dyes in the making clothes, then we reuse it for next process.

  • Other Sources

We also capture rainwater from Southwest monsoon as another alternative water source. It helps to us for dry weather periods to doing our production.

save earth

Connect with us to Save Our Planet.

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