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Kaftans From Zimona

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How to find the perfect size for youself correctly?

Learn why you’ll be able to find your ideal fit the first time, every time, by using this method.

XS (UK 6)

S (UK 8)

M (UK 10)

L (UK 12)

XL (UK 14)

2XL (UK 16)

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4XL (UK 20)

Knowing your measurements and those of each size in the design you’re considering will make it simple for you to compare and choose the appropriate size. Also, you can find perfect fit on our size guide page.

Blouses From Zimona

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Remarkable Designs

Each of our designs we make by handcrafted. Presenting our distinctive assortment, where each item is created to honor you, your spirit, and your ideas. We considered all three facets of who you are, your thoughts, feelings, and desires—as well as how
they interact while creating this collection.

Each person is distinctive and rich because each person’s  has an own “color” and “shape.” We want
you to feel unique and distinctive wearing our clothing. Our Zimona collection is designed to make you feel beautiful, look better, and embrace beautiful thoughts.


All of our clothes are made by master artisans from Ceylon.


Our clothes are not harmful to you and the planet .


Our dresses are soft, loose, lightweight, stretchy, and cozy.


Our designs are different from each other, for limited period.

Frocks From Zimona

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