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Dilshan Randika

Dilshan Randika is the founder and chairman of Zimona. Before being founded Zimona, Randika was started an online store since 2019 and its unsuccessful because one man operation.

After Advanced Level (High School) He was join Ocean university and Mercmarine training college be a mariner. In 2017 to 2021 he spend time with ULCC ships in worldwide and also spend 5 years in Reederei Nord group.

Previously, his ancestors do the handmade batik and handloom manufacturing in rurally. He wants to bring this culture into the global. To introduce this culture, he use social media and foreigners who visit in Sri Lanka.

Randika was born in Southern, Sri Lanka city of Matara and educated St. Servatius College Matara. After high school, He earned marine diploma and computerized accounting diploma.

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